Thursday, January 23, 2020

Crazy Dream

I had a strange dream recently. It wasn't really the dream itself that was weird, as dreams can often be strange, but I kind of suspect that I was talking in my sleep. I was laying on the sofa watching TV with my cat beside me but as I found myself drifting off to sleep I switched off the television.

I kept waking as suddenly I'd hear a breathing sound. It was actually my own snoring.

When I did get off to sleep I dreamed I was given two cats to look after, one adult and one kitten. One of the cats jumped onto the armchair and settled to sleep while the kitten hid under the bed. Days passed in the dream and the adult cat, while still sleeping on the armchair, had eaten. It then occurred to me that the kitten was still hiding and hadn't eaten. I ran into the bedroom searching frantically under the bed screaming at myself. I kept yelling "You're sacked" over and over again to myself hoping I wouldn't find the kitten dead. I couldn't yell loudly however, it was as though my mouth wouldn't fully open.

As I awoke I wondered if in fact I had been talking in my sleep and that was the reason I couldn't speak loudly. It may had even been my own snores misinterpreted within my dream as words.

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