Thursday, January 23, 2020

Crazy Dream

I had a strange dream recently. It wasn't really the dream itself that was weird, as dreams can often be strange, but I kind of suspect that I was talking in my sleep. I was laying on the sofa watching TV with my cat beside me but as I found myself drifting off to sleep I switched off the television.

I kept waking as suddenly I'd hear a breathing sound. It was actually my own snoring.

When I did get off to sleep I dreamed I was given two cats to look after, one adult and one kitten. One of the cats jumped onto the armchair and settled to sleep while the kitten hid under the bed. Days passed in the dream and the adult cat, while still sleeping on the armchair, had eaten. It then occurred to me that the kitten was still hiding and hadn't eaten. I ran into the bedroom searching frantically under the bed screaming at myself. I kept yelling "You're sacked" over and over again to myself hoping I wouldn't find the kitten dead. I couldn't yell loudly however, it was as though my mouth wouldn't fully open.

As I awoke I wondered if in fact I had been talking in my sleep and that was the reason I couldn't speak loudly. It may had even been my own snores misinterpreted within my dream as words.

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

ASMR, Relaxation & Panini Stickers

I was thinking about this recently as I'm the kind of person who gets a little stressed out now and again and feel the need to relax whenever I can. I often feel things getting on top of me have have the urge to hide away somewhere so it's good to have some me-time where I simply relax for the sake of relaxation.

There are ASMR videos on YouTube where someone, usually female but not always, will talk or do a mundane task making certain noises that can kind of put people into a hypnotic state. It's not true hypnosis for they are not adding any kind of suggestions but it can be very calming. Some of these vids can be very powerful while others don't have any desired effect, but I think it's more down the listener and their mood.

I remember as a kid at school doing mathematics and I'd have a box containing various kinds of rulers and protractors. I used to get tingly feelings in my forehead looking at the fine lines on the protractor, even now certain clock faces give me the same feeling when looking at the lines representing the seconds.

I recently bought a magazine that contained a Panini sticker album of Frozen 2. It came with some stickers within the album itself along with some separate packs of stickers. While sitting on my bed sticking the stickers into the album I began to realise I had the same forehead tingles as I had while watching the YouTube vids. There's something about looking at artwork on such a small sticker that makes my head feel funny. I certainly would not feel the same way about looking at a poster for instance. It could be a deep inner process of my brain going into a state of trance or the fine line of the art messing with my vision causing eye strain, either way it feels relaxing. The sticker packs are quite expensive however so it's not something I can do on a regular basis.

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Alita Battle Angel - The Official Movie Novelization

My first blog post of the year. It seems so long since my last yet I've been posting so much on Twitter and Facebook it seems like I haven't been away, although technically my last blog post was September so it has been some time. Anyway I digress...

Some years ago I purchased the anime of Alita Battle Angel on VHS video. It was amazing and one of those animes that pushes the boundaries of the genre. Unfortunately I never got round to purchasing the manga comics so never realised the full extent of its popularity.

When I heard there was going to be a Hollywood movie I was surprised and a little sceptical as the Ghost In The Shell live action movie while good didn't do the anime justice. I was also surprised that they chose to give Alita very large eyes. Part of me felt the movie would be more of a spoof than a serious movie but I was so pleased to have my doubts shoved to one side when the movie turned out to be amazing. It didn't match the anime scene by scene but it certainly didn't stray to far away from it keeping the over all tone and feel.

I recently purchased the novel of the movie and while I haven't finished reading it yet what I can say so far is that it certainly matches the style of the movie. There's a lot more detail too that the movie doesn't have time to go into such as the history of Iron City, Ido's assistant nurse Gerhad, and Alita's reaction when she sees her reflection within the mirror.

I tend to read one chapter at a time so it shouldn't take me too long to get through. I likely post a full review at a later date.